So far we have trained over 8,000 people from all sectors and we are the founders of the first Croatian and regional colleges of EU funds and project management – College EU PROJECTS!

We are known for high level of quality of our education programs that are dominated by practical work and in which we try to answer the practical questions of our clients. So far we have trained more than 8,000 people from various sectors and their evaluations have shown they are very satisfied with our programs and performance.

Therefore we decided to take another step forward and we opened the first Croatian and regional adult education institute devoted to EU funds and project management – College EU PROJECTS!

You can take programs that last for several months or trainings and education that last for a few days. If you do not want to get out of your office, we come to you with our in-house trainings. If you want to study alone, we can see each other during “one-on-one” training program.

Each of our training brings a certificate some of which are acknowledged by the state!

All the training courses, programs, theme, and how you can hire us can be found here!

"The education was really well organized, and Mrs. Vela was very professional, kind, friendly and professional. There really were no questions for which she did not know the answer. This is one of those educations on which concrete examples explain each situation. In any case, every praise!"

− Martina Smerić, Vodoopskrba i odvodnja d.o.o.

"One of the most useful education I've been to. A well-proportioned proportion of lectures and practical work, during which experienced lecturers explained perfectly every step in the planning and writing process of the EU project. I would also like to mention the instructions and tips we got that are not mentioned in the project documentation and the official instructions, that is, handy first hand information. The added value of the workshop was my elababoration of my own project proposal. "

− Tihana Bašić, Hrvatski veterinarski institut

"The program delighted me in every aspects. Knowledge was more than I expected. The whole course has met my expectations. The organization is on a high level. "

− Branimir Jambreković

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